How does Electrast Work?

Electrast™ is a contrast agent that activates with ultrasound and the heart’s local electric field if the heart tissue is perfused and viable.

Resting Agent

Liquid droplets of phase-change agent nested within the aqueous core of a charged phospholipid vesicle

Activated Agent

Ultrasound selectively interacts with nested droplets that experience an electric field


Better data, faster. Cardiac perfusion data in point of care setting.


No cath lab needed. Most cost-effective diagnosis without harmful radiation.


Triage and treat. Improve patient care and outcomes confidently.

Myocardial Enhancement with Electrast in Large Animal Study


Baseline Echo: Short axis TTE echo clip in a pig prior to Electrast™ administration


Electrast™ Enhanced Echo: Short axis TTE echo clip with the same echo setting after venous administration of a 5mL bolus of Electrast™ with a 5mL saline flush

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Number of Americans living with CAD
Leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide
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